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Welcome to Picket Fences Property Management! We're proudly woman-owned and operated small business that has been serving Saskatoon and its surrounding communities since 2008. At Picket Fences, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity an community focus and are committed to building community by providing clean and safe housing for those in Saskatoon and area. Our doors are open to clients and tenants of diverse cultural backgrounds, and we are LGBTQ+ friendly newcomer-friendly and eager to work with those of all ability levels.

Over the last 15 years, our portfolio has expanded and now includes houses, condos, multi-unit residential and commercial spaces, with vacational rentals coming in Spring 2024. No matter how we grow, we are always dedicated to delivering individualized care that suits the unique needs and circumstances of each client.

Our comprehensive management approach encompasses all aspects of rental units. From tenant selection and placement to upkeep, rent collection and financial reporting, we provide an all-inclusive package at a flat monthly fee without any additional callout or leasing fees. Moreover, our in house renovation team prioritizes property maintains its appeal. Handyman and small renovation services are available to the public.

Picket Fences Property Management is not a real estate brokerage. Instead, we operate as a professional care taking company. Caretaking is a role that we take seriously and our clients are tenants notice. By prioritizing clean and well maintained units, we foster long term tenancies, leading to fewer turnovers and a very low vacancy rate. Our team of professionals possesses the skills and experience necessary to maintain, renovate and manage any aspect of your property. With out combination of excellent property maintenance and great tenant selection. Picket Fences Property Managements focus on caretaking leaves your investment property in good hands.

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